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Limu is a high-quality wet-processed (washed) Ethiopian coffee that exhibits a relatively low acidity yet is somewhat sharp. The brewed cup is distinguished by its well-balanced body (mouth feel) and noticeable winey and spicy flavors, often fruit-toned, pleasantly sweet and vibrant with floral overtones.
Welcome to DEDESSA
Our magnificent 200 Hectares farm at Oromiya State Jimma Zone Limmu Kossa Kebele was established in 2004 which produces best quality green beans from nursery to full grown coffee tree and gave its first harvest at 2009. We specialize on limmu sundried quality standard grade 2 and will soon start Limu washed Grade 2 UTZ.
Dedessa coffee farm is located on Dedessa river Jimma zone kebele B/Gudina average altitude 1500, surrounded by natural forest.
  • Origin Traders, Australia Exported Year, 2010
  • EFICO Green Coffee Importer, Belgium, Exported Year 2011
  • Walter Matter Coffee, Geneva, Exported Year 2012
    • Kaffehuset l Karlstad AB, Sweden
    • Commodity Supplies AG , Switzerland
  • Ecom AGROINDUSTRIAL, Netherlands
    • Ahold Coffee Company c/o Hansson BV, Netherlands, Exported Year 2013/2014
Dedessa produces best quality green beans from nursery to full grown coffeetree. Our methods of picking the redcherry beans to cleaned greenbean are proved to be best standards.
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Dedessa has been certified by Global Leading Quality Certifier called UTZ for quality control and business ethics.
      Our PRODUCTS      
  • Each and every green coffee bean is single-origin from the farm, hand-picked, and carefully inspected. We go through great lengths to only produce the finest coffee.

    After the cherry has been picked we go through a process that weeds out the good versus the bad beans by hand. All coffees are then brought to our milling facility for the appropriate process. We have two different processes:
  • Dedessa Limu Natural
    We prepare excellent Natural sundried coffee for the speciality market. It is sundried on African beds To ensure even drying, the coffee is turned while on the beds.

    The coffee taste is full body uniform, very sweet, flowery and with low acidity .
  • Dedessa Limu Washed
    Our washed coffee is exceptional, our wetmill is designed so that the cherries are cleaned and fermented in a tank for a couple of hours before demucellaging and drying. We control very well our fermentation period and we adapt to the time when the coffee has been picked to arrange the process facility.

    Our result can achieve up to 90 on cupping score, the taste is sharp acidity, heavy body, lemony and balance. .
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Oromia State Jimma Zone Limmu Kossa Kebele B/Gudina
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 Oromia State Jimma Zone Limmu Kossa Kebele B/Gudina
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 +251 911215983
 +251 966269411
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 001 703 475 4729
 001 443 818 9518
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 0033 658524791
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